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General Information for ST3 TL
If you have an existing fi xed place of business and are moving
address as shown on the permit. If you move to a new loca-
to a new location not within the same county, you must
tion within the same county, you must contact the Ohio
cancel your vendor’s license and obtain a new vendor’s
Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control,
license from the county auditor where your new place of
to have the permit transferred to the new location ad-
business will be located or apply online at Ohio Business
dress. The Department of Taxation will not issue a transfer
Gateway ( To cancel your vendor’s license,
license until we have been notifi ed by the Ohio Department
you must fi le a fi nal sales tax return and you must indicate
of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control, that the permit has
your last day of business.
been transferred.
If you hold a permit issued by the Ohio Department of Com-
NOTE: This form should be used to request a “Transfer
merce, Division of Liquor Control, the vendor’s license and
of Vendor’s License” ONLY. For all other changes, please
permit must have the identical name and be for the identical
use form ST 3C.
Reset Form
Please detach here – DO NOT USE PENCIL to complete this form.
Vendor’s License Number
Rev. 12/13
This form only applies
to vendors with license
Request for Transfer of Vendor’s License
numbers beginning with
Dear Vendor:
If you have an existing place of business and are moving to a new location WITHIN THE SAME COUNTY, please complete the area under “New business
location” and the “Effective date of transfer of vendor’s license.” Also, verify that the vendor’s license number, employer identifi cation number, social security
number and/or charter number is correct. If any of this information is incorrect or missing, please provide the correct information. Once this form has been
completed, please mail to the address listed below. After it has been verifi ed that the “new location address” is within the same county, a “transfer vendor’s
license” with the new address will be mailed to you. If you hold a liquor permit or are moving your business to a fi xed location in another county,
please see reverse side for additional information.
Submit only if transfer of vendor’s license is being requested.
New business location:
Employer Identifi cation Number
Social Security Number
Ohio Charter or License Number
City, state, ZIP code
Old business location:
Effective date of transfer of vendor’s license:
Send business location corrections to: Ohio Department of
Taxation, Taxpayer Services Division, P.O. Box 182215,
Columbus, OH 43218-2215 • FAX (614) 387-2165


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