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Application for Leave of Absence from school
Reason for the application
(Please attach supporting documents)
Overseas Posting / Business / Company related training*
Estimated period of stay overseas is from ____________ to ____________
Application for this calendar year is for the period from ____________ to ____________
*Please delete accordingly
Declaration By Parent
1. I accept all the conditions and terms regarding the Leave of Absence Scheme (LOA).
2. I understand that I will need to re-apply for my child’s Leave of Absence status by November
each year for the following year, together with the LOA fees.
3. I understand that all LOA correspondence will be sent to my overseas correspondence address,
unless otherwise stated and I should inform the school promptly of any changes to my contact
Name and Signature of Father/Mother*
For Official Use:
This application is approved/not approved* for the period (max 12mths in a calendar year):
______ (mth) to ______ (mth) ______ (yr)
The amount of fees to be paid for period of absence is $___________
Name and Signature of Principal
Name of school
Date: ________________
*Please delete accordingly
1. For LOA periods of less than a year, the annual LOA fee should be pro-rated accordingly.


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