St. Mary'S Rcva Primary School, Wingate Security Policy And Procedures Example School Security Policy Template


St. Mary’s RCVA Primary School, Wingate
Security Policy and Procedures
1. Policy statement
 The Governors recognise and accept their corporate responsibility to provide a safe and secure
St. Mary’s.
environment for children, employees and visitors to
The school’s security procedures will
operate within the framework described in this policy.
 Where appropriate the Governors will seek any necessary expert advice to determine the security
risks and precautions required to deal with them.
 The Governing Body will provide staff with enough resources, information and training to implement
the security procedures.
 The Governing Body will, where appropriate, be informed of breaches and failures of the policy to
enable them to take any corrective action as is necessary to ensure the safety of children and staff.
2. Organisation
The following groups and/or individuals have responsibilities for ensuring the security of the school.
2.1. Governors
 The Governors will ensure that the school has a security policy and that this has been
 Governors will monitor the performance of the school security measures. This will be achieved –
By the health & safety governor monitoring performance on their special interest visits
Via the head teachers reports to governors
By all governors observing its implementation when they visit the school.
 Governors will periodically review the school’s security policy.
 Governors will delegate the day to day implementation of the policy to the Head Teacher.
2.2 Head Teacher
The head teacher will:
 Set up arrangements in school that comply with the security policy agreed by governors.
 Ensure that all staff within the school receive information, instruction and training in the security
policy and procedures.
 Establish a system for the reporting, recording and investigation of breaches of the policy and take
reasonable steps to prevent reoccurrence.
 Ensure that all visitors, contractors and agency staff adhere to the security policy.
 Monitor the implementation of the policy and security arrangements.
2.3 Staff
 All staff will comply with this policy and the arrangements made by the Head Teacher to ensure the
safety of children, employees and others on the school site.
 Those listed below have been given specific responsibilities for school security.
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