Va Form 10-0094e - Dental Education Affiliation Agreement Between Department Of Veterans Affairs (Va) As The Sponsoring Institution, And A School Of Dentistry And Its Affiliated Institutions Page 3


1. The school of dentistry has the following responsibilities:
A. Operate and manage the school of dentistry and its associated residency programs and assume overall
responsibility for the educational programs.
B. Encourage school of dentistry to accept positions as VA dental staff/consultants and assure that academic
standards are met.
C. Enable school of dentistry faculty appointments, appointments to school of dentistry committees, and
administrative positions for VA-based staff.
D. Recommend members for appointment to the VA Affiliation Partnership Council and its subcommittees.
Members will include the dental school dean and senior faculty members from appropriate divisions of the dental
school and affiliated participating institutions.
2. The school of dentistry and its affiliated institutions (partner institutions) have the following
A. Participate in the supervision of integrated academic programs at VA.
B. Select residents for academic programs operated jointly by VA and the school of dentistry and the
affiliated participating institutions. Residents accepted for assignment at VA facilities must have the qualifications
and credentials as agreed upon by the school of dentistry, the affiliated participating institutions, and VA.
C. Develop educational program letters of agreement for each VA health care facility that provides a resident
with educational experience that is one month or longer in duration. These agreements must identify faculty who
will teach, supervise, and evaluate resident performance; oversee duty hours; outline resident educational
objectives; specify periods of resident assignment; and establish policies and procedures for maintaining resident
education during the assignment.
D. Evaluate the trainee’s performance and conduct in mutual consultation with the VA faculty and according
to the guidelines outlined in the approved curriculum and accepted standards.
3. VA has the following responsibilities:
A. Maintain accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CDA) for dental residents.
B. Operate and manage the VA facility and maintain accreditation with such organizations as the Joint
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).
C. Appoint qualified dentists and other health care professionals, as appropriate, to full-time and part-time
staff of the facility. These staff will supervise trainees and provide veterans with patient care.
D. Encourage nominations from the school of dentistry and the affiliated participating institutions for
appointments to VA as consultants.
E. Encourage faculty appointments at the sponsoring institution for VA staff.
F. Participate with the school of dentistry and the affiliated participating institutions in the academic
programs of education and research, provide an appropriate learning environment, and supply sufficient resources
for appropriate conduct of such programs.
G. Ensure that all trainees who will be assigned to VA receive appropriate VA appointments.
H. Orient trainees and faculty to the VA facility and inform them that they are subject to VA rules and
regulations while in a VA facility.
VA FORM 10-0094e


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