Va Form 10-0094e - Dental Education Affiliation Agreement Between Department Of Veterans Affairs (Va) As The Sponsoring Institution, And A School Of Dentistry And Its Affiliated Institutions Page 4


I. Participate in the supervision of integrated academic programs. VA staff members who are also faculty
members of one of the partner institutions are responsible for student and resident supervision for educational
purposes, but may delegate responsibility to non-faculty VA staff members under unusual circumstances. VA will
communicate with the partner institutions when trainees will be or have been supervised by non-faculty VA staff.
J. Establish qualifications and credentials for dental residents on VA assignments.
K. Dismiss any trainee from VA assignment in accordance with VA Handbook 5021, Part VI, Paragraph 15
or Paragraph 18, whichever paragraph applies.
L. Review and sign appropriate educational program letters of agreement for resident training prepared by the
school of dentistry and the affiliated participating institutions.
M. Appoint members to the Affiliations Partnership Council.
N. Conduct periodic reviews of academic programs and policies as necessary under the auspices of VA’s
Chief Academic Affiliations Officer.
This affiliation agreement is in force until further notice and supersedes any previous affiliation
agreement. It may be terminated in writing at any time by mutual consent with due consideration of patient care
and educational commitments, or by written notice by either party 6 months in advance of the next training
VA FORM 10-0094e


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