Easter Bunny Letter Template For A Girl


The Easter Bunny
Dear Friend,
Happy Easter! I had a lot of fun hiding your eggs this
year. I found some great hiding places, but not anywhere
too crazy because I don't want you to mess up that
beautiful Easter outfit you have.
I also hid some delicious candy. You like chocolate,
right? Don't eat too much at once or you'll get a tummy
ache and won't have room for Easter dinner. Also, enjoy
this day with your family. Easter is such a special time.
I hope you enjoy your Easter basket. I put some
special little toys in there for you, including something
cuddly. It's so fun to find just the right gifts for good little
Well, it's off to the Bunny Trail for me. I need to head
back to my workshop and get some rest. My bunny feet
are tired from all that hopping along carrying baskets and
Your friend,


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