English Language Questions Worksheet


English Language
Directions (1 to 5): In each of the following questions, a proverb has been given. Choose the correct
alternative which expresses the meaning of the idiomatic expression.
1)To take with a grain of salt.
a. To take it lightly
b. To take with some reservation
c. Not to belief anyone
d. To take it on heart
2)To talk through one’s hat
a. To talk nonsense
b. To talk sensibly
c. To talk privately
d. To talk against someone
3)To be rolling money
a. Under debt
b. Going through financial loss
c. To give wrong advice
d. Very rich
4)To give up the ghost
a. To die
b. To have a bad dream
c. Encounter with a ghost
d. An impractical thinking
5)To wash one’s dirty linen in public
a. To talk nonsense in front of public
b. to act in a childish way
c. To discuss dirty and scandalous matters in public
d. To face humiliation in front of strangers
Directions (6 to 10): in each of the following questions, choose the correct alternative which can be
substituted for the below given word/ sentence.
6)A senior Christian priest
a. Pastor
b. Preacher
c. Evangelist
d. Archdeacon


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