English/spanish Grammar Worksheet


Notas—Gramática 1-2
I. El verbo ser
In English the verb _______ ________ is the most common verb. It has
__________ __________. Some of them are to _______________ or
_______________ people or things, to __________ where people are
from, to __________ the date, day and time, and to __________ a
telephone number. Like all verbs, _______ ________ is ______________,
that is, it _______________ its form to match the subject.
I __________ Carlos.
We __________ from Argentina.
You __________ from Managua. They __________ my friends.
Today __________ Friday.
You __________ a student.
A. Circle the form of the verb to be in the following sentences, and
underline the subject of the sentence.
1. Yolanda is from Maracay, Venezuela.
2. It is ten o’ clock.
3. Tomorrow is Thursday.
4. We are your cousins.
5. I am from Valparaiso, Chile.
6. You are a very good student.
7. Mr. Matute and Mrs. Shumway are our teachers.
8. You are my best friend.


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