Form 13750 - Election To Participate In Announcement 2005-80 Settlement Initiative

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Department of the Treasury — Internal Revenue Service
Election to Participate in Announcement 2005-80
OMB No. 1545-1970
(October 2005)
Settlement Initiative
You must provide all the information required under this Election by January 23, 2006 (or as otherwise
stipulated in subsequent requests from the Service for additional information) to be eligible for the settlement.
Section I
Taxpayer Data
I elect to participate in the settlement initiative as described in Announcement 2005-80 and as contained in Internal
Revenue Bulletin 2005-46 dated November 14, 2005.
1. Taxpayer name(s) (Include name of spouse if joint return)
2. Taxpayer(s) Identification
Number (EIN or SSN)
3. Address (Street, City, State, ZIP code)
4. Telephone number
5. FAX number
6. Are you currently under examination or in Appeals
7. Are/were you (or your spouse) a partner in a TEFRA partnership
that was a party to the arrangement(s) identified in Section II
Yes (Please complete items 8a and 8b)
Yes (Complete items 9a & 9b and Section III)
No (Please provide copies of all relevant tax
returns with your election submission)
8a. Name and address (Street, City, State, ZIP Code) of
9a. Name and address (Street, City, State, ZIP Code) of
IRS contact for your current examination or Appeals
IRS contact for the TEFRA Partnership examination
matter (If applicable)
or Appeals matter (If applicable)
8b. Telephone number of IRS contact
9b. Telephone number of IRS TEFRA contact
10. Have you received a Statutory Notice of Deficiency
11. Has the TEFRA Partnership received a Notice of Final Partnership Administrative Adjustment
12. Do you have a Power of Attorney (If Yes, attach a copy to this election)
13. Have you filed an amended return(s) for any of the years in which you engaged in
this transaction(s) (If Yes, attach a copy or copies to this election)
Settlement Initiative Transactions Elected by Taxpayer
Section II
(For each box checked below, complete a separate Form 13750, Schedule A and attach it to your election)
Notice 2002-21 (20% penalty)
Notice 2003-77 (5% penalty)
Notice 2001-16 (20% penalty)
Notice 2003-24 (5% penalty)
Notice 2003-55 (10% or 20% penalty)
Revenue Ruling 2003-6 (5% penalty)
Notice 2003-54 (10% penalty)
Revenue Ruling 2002-3 & 2002-80 (5% penalty)
Notice 2003-81 (10% penalty)
Notice 2000-60 (5% penalty)
Notice 99-59 (10% penalty)
Revenue Ruling 2000-12 (5% penalty)
Revenue Ruling 2004-98 (5% penalty)
Notice 95-34 (5% penalty)
Revenue Ruling 2004-20 & 2004-21 (5% penalty)
Treasury Regulation § 1.643(a)-8 (5% penalty)
Notice 2004-8 (5% penalty)
Notice 2004-41 (5% penalty)
Revenue Ruling 2004-4 (5% penalty)
Notice 2004-7 (5% penalty
Management S Corporation ESOP Transactions (5% penalty)
Catalog No. 47521K


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