Sample 30 Day Notice Form


A Sample 30 Day Notice Form
So are you a Tenant living in a rental apartment or house?, then you’re solely responsible to provide a
30 Day Notice
to your landlord while you’re in the position to vacate the building. This 30 day period
would help the landlord to find a new tenant for his building. This notice is an important document that
should be in writing in order to be enforceable. Once a landlord receives the tenant’s 30 day notice, he
will still have to pay his rent for the next 30 days unless the landlord be able to find someone to replace
him. This notice should be written property in an agreeable manner so that the tone of the language
used in the document should be very clear. There are lots of form samples down the net which would
help you to write the notice in clear and effective manner or you can ask the help of a professional
attorney. In this article your will come to know the format of writing an 30 day notice form in a easy and
simple steps, let us see them:
Sample Format of a 30 Day Notice Form
1). As a first step, try to go through your rental agreement form to be clear about the rental agreements
and terms of the lease.
2). Now try to grasp all the details about the rental house or apartment, like name and address of the
landlord, move in date, move out date, penalties for late move outs, etc,.
3). after getting all the details from the agreement, start writing your 30 day notice letter. Start with
your name and current address like this
My Name.
Full Form of Current Address.
4). Now write the date, which would be atleast 30 days prior, that would be required to vacate the
property. It is ideal to date some 35 or 40 days before your move out date so you can deliver or mail it
immediately so that you are timely.
5). Now enter the landlord name and address, try to use the same name and address as in the rental
6). Now write the body of the letter. In the body state the reason why you’re leaving the premises. Say
“I am hereby giving 30 days written notice that I will be moving out my apartment at XXX (venue name)
on or before XXX, 200X (date). This will close my lease with XXX (Landlord name).”
7). Now as a last closing statement, write
My Name


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