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TAX Worksheet: Medical Expenses
Our low tax preparation fee for Medical Expenses is only for those who complete this worksheet. Additional
fees will be charged if you do not complete this form. Thank you for your cooperation!
Name (s): _______________________________________
Tax Year: __________
Medical Expenses
Complete the following if applicable:
Premiums paid to private health service plans
____________ _____________
Employee-paid premiums for private health services plan
____________ _____________
Quebec prescription Drug Insurance Plan
____________ _____________
Complete the table below. See examples in blue and red.
Payment date
Name of Patient
Payment made to
Description of
Amount if cost you
Example 1:
Regular medical receipts
Jan. 1 / 2015
Billy Joe
AAA Pharmacy
Prescription Drugs
Example 2:
If you had a portion paid by your Group Insurance plan
Jan. 1 / 2015
Bobby Ray
Pacific Blue Cross
Eye glasses
Portion NOT
Please complete the above table and submit with your medical receipts in an orderly fashion
(group by member of family, company, then by date). Contact us should you have questions.
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501-1200 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C7 (604) 878-0702
Last update: Feb 2016


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