Teacher Checklist Template - Formative Assessment


Formative Assessment-TEACHER ANSWERS
What Energy Did I Use?
Directions: When prompted, complete the below boxes. Remember to use complete sentences and complete
Energy Box 1
List one activity you completed
What form of energy do you think it
Why do you think that form of
today or saw someone complete
took to complete that activity?
energy was used?
Today I watched my mom drive my
I think that type of activity took
I think driving to school in the car
brother and I to school.
electrical energy.
took electrical energy because
electrical energy is needed to
power the car.
Energy Box 2
List the activity that
List the form of energy you
Do you still think it takes
Why or why not. Remember
you listed in Energy
believed it took to complete
that form of energy to
to use details to support your
Box 1.
that activity.
complete the activity?
Driving to school in
I believed that driving
I do not think it takes
After going through the forms
the car.
to school took electrical
electrical energy to power
of energy I believe that it
energy because it takes
the car.
takes chemical energy to
electrical energy to power
convert the gas in the car to
the car.
usable electrical energy to
power the engine and the
battery. I also think the the
car uses mechanical energy
to move.


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