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( A d d r e s s )
(St., Ave., Blvd., etc.)
$ __________________
Rent Per Month:
Date Rent Due:
Total Delinquent Rent:
Within three days after the date of service upon you of a copy of this notice, you are required to:
1. Pay the total delinquent rent due for the premises, as stated above; or
2. Quit and deliver up possession of the premises to the undersigned.
IF YOU FAIL either to pay the total delinquent rent or quit possession of the premises within three days
after the date of service on you of a copy of this notice, legal action will be instituted for possession of the
premises, for forfeiture of the rental agreement and for such other damages as may be allowed by law.
Such legal action could result in a judgment against you which could include the costs, attorneys fees
and necessary disbursements allowed by law.
Landlord elects to declare forfeiture of your rental agreement. This notice supersedes all prior notices to
pay rent or quit served upon you.
The rent demanded above should be made payable to
and delivered to the following individual:
Individual to whom rent is to be delivered:
Address where rent is to be delivered:
Days on which rentmaybe delivered:______________________________________________________________________
Timesatwhichrentmaybedelivered: _______________________________________________________________________
Telephone No.whererentmaybedelivered:
*As required by law, you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a
credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit obligations." CC1785.26(c) (2).
Sec. 594 of the Penal Code of California
"Every person who maliciously injures, or destroys any real property not his own . . . is guilty of vandalism." (A Felony or Misdemeanor)
Revised 3-2015 - 3-D-PAY
Form provided as a membership service of the APARTMENT ASSOCIATION OF GREATER LOS ANGELES
621 South Westmoreland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005


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