Three (3) Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit Template


Three-day notice to pay or vacate premises ("pay or quit") [CCP §1161(2)]
To: __________ [Name of tenant, subtenant, or both, and address of subject premises]
You are hereby notified that pursuant to __________ [the agreement or Paragraph __ of the lease dated __________] under
which you hold the possession of the
premises described in
this notice, there is now due, unpaid, and delinquent rent in the following amounts for the following specified periods:
1. $____ for the __________ [year or month or as the case may be] commencing __________ [date], and terminating
__________ [date];
2. $____ for the __________ [year or month or as the case may be] commencing __________ [date], and terminating
__________ [date].
You are further notified that within __________ [number not less than 3] days after service of this notice on you, you must
pay the amount of rent stated in this
notice in full or quit the premises and deliver up possession of the premises to the undersigned __________ [lessor or
specify attorney or agent as the case may be],
who is authorized to receive possession of the premises, or the undersigned will institute legal proceedings for unlawful
detainer against you __________
[to recover possession of the premises or to declare the__________ (lease or agreement) forfeited and to recover rents and
damages or as the case may be].
You are further notified that by this notice the undersigned elects to and does declare a forfeiture of the __________ [lease or
agreement] if the rent stated in this
notice is not paid in full within the __ days.
The premises that are the subject of this notice are described
as __________ [set forth legal description]. __________ [Specify any special notification required by rent control
jurisdictions, for example: You are hereby notified
that advice regarding this notice to pay or quit is available from the Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration
Dated __________.
[Type or print name of landlord]
Mandatory: If a tenant defaults in the performance of his or her lease, the landlord must give the tenant a 3-day notice to pay
or, alternatively, to vacate the premises.
[CCP §1161(2)] Residential tenants have a nonwaivable right to legally-required 3-day notice to terminate a tenancy under
CCP §1161, notwithstanding any provision
to the contrary in the lease agreement. [Lamanna v Vognar (1993) 17 Cal App 4th Supp 4, 22 Cal Rptr 2d 501]
Writing and statement of amount due: The notice must be in writing and state the amount due. [CCP §1161(2)] The precise
sum must be stated, and an action may not
be maintained if the sum is in excess of tenant's liability for rent. [Johnson v Sanches (1942) 56 Cal App 2d 115, 132 P2d
Declaration of forfeiture of lease: If the action arises from a tenant's neglect, failure to perform the conditions or covenants of
the lease or agreement, or after default
in the payment of rent, a judgment declaring the forfeiture of the lease or agreement can only be had if the landlord states in


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