Emotions Word List - Excerpt From Mindful Anger


Emotions Word List
Excerpt from Mindful Anger
A Vocabulary for Comfortable Emotions
Happiness/joy - Blissful Bubbly Buoyant Carefree Cheerful Content Delighted Ecstatic Elated
Enthusiastic Euphoric Excited Festive Giddy Glad Inspired Jolly Jubilant Lighthearted Merry
Optimistic Peaceful Playful Pleased Satisfied Silly Thrilled Upbeat
Enthusiasm - Alive Ardent Avid Breathless Dynamic Eager Earnest Encouraged Excited
Fervent Gung ho Hopeful Intent Keen Motivated Powered up Spirited Zealous
Love - Adoring Affectionate Amorous Caring Cherishing Compassionate Doting Empathetic
Enamored Enchanted Fond Forgiving Grateful Infatuated Kindly Open Passionate Romantic
Seductive Sensual Sentimental Sexy Soft Sympathetic Tender Treasuring Warm
A Vocabulary for Uncomfortable Emotions
Anger - Agitated Aggravated Annoyed Belligerent Bitter Boiling Brooding Contemptuous Cross
Disgusted Displeased Enraged Frustrated Fuming Furious Grumpy Hateful Heated Ill-tempered
Incensed Indignant Inflamed Infuriated Irascible Irate Irritated Livid Mad Mean Miffed
Offended Pissed off Resentful Riled Upset Vengeful Wrathful
Hurt - Aching Battered Bruised Crushed Devastated Distressed Injured Pained Shamed
Suffering Torn Tortured Wounded
Sadness - Crestfallen Defeated Dejected Depressed Despairing Despondent Disappointed
Discouraged Dismal Down Dreadful Dreary Dull Forlorn Gloomy Glum Heartbroken Heavy
hearted Helpless Hollow Hopeless Impotent In the dumps Inconsolable Melancholy Miserable
Moody Morose Mournful Out of sorts Passive Powerless Somber Sorrowful Unhappy Useless
Weepy Woeful Worthless
Confusion - Ambivalent Baffled Bemused Bewildered Dazed Disconcerted Disoriented
Distracted Indecisive Lost Mixed up Perplexed Puzzled Spacey Wavering Wishy-washy
Fear - Afraid Alarmed Anxious Daunted Desperate Fearful Fidgety Frightened Horrified
Hysterical Intimidated Nervous Panicked Paralyzed Petrified Scared Shaky Shocked Startled
Surprised Terrified Threatened
Worry - Alert Antsy Anxious Apprehensive Distrustful Doubtful Hesitant Ill at ease Insecure
Nervous Questioning Skeptical Suspicious Tense Uneasy Uncertain Uptight


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