Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form - County Of Boulder


State of Colorado
County of Boulder
In consideration of $_____________________________ the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. I/We do hereby sell and
deliver on this date:_____________________ unto: __________________________________________________________
Date of Sale
Buyers Printed Name
Buyer’s Signature
Buyer’s Address
Year ____________ Make _________________
VIN# _____________________________________________________
I/We do vouch to be the true and lawful owner(s) of the above listed vehicle. I do affirm that this vehicle
is free of all liens and encumbrances, and that I/We have the right and power to dispose of said vehicle.
I/We certify, under the penalty of perjury in the second degree, that the above statements are true and correct
to the best of my knowledge.
________________ A.M / P.M
Seller’s Printed Name
Time of Sale
Seller’s Signature
County use only: Date Title/Dup. Title Applied for _______________ Seller’s Title# ______________
Seller must remove license plates at time of sale. The buyer may operate the motor vehicle upon the highway before
registering the vehicle if the vehicle was purchased within the last 36 hours from a person who is NOT a licensed motor vehicle
The requirements are:
The vehicle must have been purchased either on a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday or between 5:00 p.m. & 8:00 a.m.
The vehicle is being driven from the place where the seller stored the vehicle to the place where the buyer intends to
store the vehicle.
The buyer possesses in the vehicle a Bill of Sale that shows the time, date of sale and that is signed by both the seller
and buyer.
The buyer must also possess proof of insurance as required by statue.
El vendedor debe remover las placas en el momento de la venta. El comprador puede operar el vehiculo motorizado en las carreteras
antes de registrar el vehiculo si el vehiculo fue comprado dentro de las ultimas 36 horas de una persona que NO es un concesionario
autorizado de vehiculos.
Los requerimientos son:
El vehiculo debe haber sido comprado ya sea en un Sabado, Domingo, Dia Festivo or entre las 5:00 p.m. y 8:00 a.m.
El vehiculo esta siendo manejado desde el lugar donde el vendedor tiene el vehiculo al lugar donde el comprador tiene la
intecion de mantener el vehiculo.
El comprador posee en el vehiculo una factura de venta que muestra la hora, la fecha de venta y que esta firmado por
vendedor y comprador.
El comprador tambien debe poseer prueba de aseguranza como lo require la ley.


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