Staar Math Sample Math Questions Worksheet With Answers - Grade 5


STAAR 5th Grade Math Sample Questions
Name: ____________________________________________
The figure below has a line of symmetry shown.
What is the length of line AX? Mark your answer.
Based on the information shown, what is the probability
A 6 inches
C 10 inches
that Hakim will NOT score over 20 points in the next
B 7 inches
D 12 inches
basketball game? Mark your answer.
On May 8, 1846, troops of the United States and Mexico
clashed on the prairie of Palo Alto in the first battle of a two-
year war. The Texas Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic
Site preserves the three thousand, four hundred one acres
Joshua is making a sandwich for lunch. He can either make a
where this clash between nations took place.
ham or turkey sandwich. He can choose mustard, cheese,
mayonnaise, or ketchup. How many different possible
Record in the boxes below the number of acres that the site
combinations of sandwiches are there? Mark your answer.
covers. Then fill in the bubbles. Be sure to use the correct
A 10
B 6
C 12
D 8
place value.
Jerry has been working to perfect his laser printer's
technology. The chart below shows how many pages per
minute his printer can print at each interval of testing.
If the pattern in the chart continues, how many pages per
minute will his printer be capable of at test 8? Mark your
Mrs. Dunbar's class wants to raise money to buy 1-dozen
A 64
B 72
C 88
D 80
tadpoles for a science project on metamorphosis. The
Which number will complete the chart below? Mark your
tadpoles cost $2.00 each. They must also pay $5.00 for
shipping and handling. Mrs. Dunbar's class earns $1.99 for
each roll of wrapping paper they sell. If they sell 20 rolls of
wrapping paper, will they raise enough money to pay for the
science materials? Mark your answer.
A no, because $29 * $40 < 0
B no, because $40 * $84 < 0
C yes, because $40 * $29 = $11
D yes, because $84 * $40 = $44
A 4,937,284
C 4,793,284
B 2,222,222
D 4,397,284


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