Instructions For Dte Form 1 - Complaint Against The Valuation Of Real Property


Instructions for DTE Form 1 (Revised 01/02)
“Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property”
CAREFULLY READ and follow the instructions and the instructions
N. Principal Use of Property – Enter use of property, such as
on the back of the complaint form. Because the Ohio Supreme Court
residence, rental, office, apartment, storage, CAUV, etc.
considers filling out the complaint form by anyone other than the
O. Parcel Number – Enter the parcel number(s) of each parcel of
owner as “practice of law”, only a lawyer may assist you in
property. (See L above)
completing this form. Neatly print or type all information. The A-Z
letters correspond with the letters on the attached complaint form.
P. Column A True Value – Enter your opinion of fair market value
for each parcel listed. For example: the price a parcel would sell if
A. BOR NO. – Auditor’s office will set the Board of Revision (BOR)
offered on the open market. A complaint can be dismissed if left
case number.
B. Date Received – Auditor’s office date stamps the form when
Q. Column B Taxable Value – 35% of the value entered in Column
received. A complaint can be dismissed if filed after the March 31
A. For example: $100,000 x .35 = $35,000
R. Column C Current Taxable Value – Current taxable value found
C. Tax Year – Must be the current tax year which is the year prior to
on your tax bill, or found on the county’s record card as assessed
the calendar year. A complaint can be dismissed if filed on past
S. Column D Change in Taxable Value – Subtract Column B value
D. County – Name the county where the property is located.
from Column C value.
E. Original Complaint – Check this box if you are the first party to
T. The requested change in value is justified for the flowing
file. If you were notified that a school filed, see F.
reasons – State reasons why you feel your value is more accurate
F. Counter Complaint – If you were notified that a school filed, or
than the county’s value. Use additional paper if necessary.
you are the school, check this box as countering a complaint already
U. Was property sold… - If property sold within the last 3 years,
enter the information. You may be required to prove this is an arm’s
G. Owner of Property – Enter the name of the owner of the
length transaction.
property as of the date of this filing. If jointly owned, please state
V. If property was not sold… - If listed for sale in the last 3 years
both names.
attach a copy of your settlement agreement or other available
GG. Street Address, City, State, Zip Code – Enter the mailing
address where you will receive any certified mailings from the Board
W. If any improvements… - If remodeling, improvements, additions
of Revision.
over the last 3 years, list them and cost.
H. Complainant If Not Owner – If you are not the owner of the
X. Do you intend… - Are you hiring an appraiser to create an
property (or you are filing for the owner) and are filing a complaint,
appraisal specifically got the Board of Revision? Previously created
enter your name here, otherwise leave blank. (See Z)
appraisals such as for refinance, or mortgage have appraised values
I. Complainant’s Agent – If you are represented by an attorney,
that vary greatly depending on the purpose for which the appraisal
their name is entered here.
was prepared.
J. Telephone Number of Contact Person – Enter best daytime
Y. If you have filed… - No person may file a complaint against the
phone number of the person the Board can contact.
valuation of any parcel id that parcel was filed on in a prior tax year,
unless the County under gone a revaluation or triennial update, or
K. Complainant’s Relationship to Property If Not Owner – If not
the property has had new construction, destruction or change of
the owner of this property, enter your relationship to the property.
ownership. A complaint can be dismissed if filed in the same interim
L. Parcel Number from Tax Bill – Enter the parcel number(s) as
stated on the county’s records or on your tax bill(s). (See “Multiple
Z. I declare... – A properly authorized signature is required. Add
Parcels” on back of complaint form)
date and title. Have the signature notarized. Do NOT sign unless
the notary sees you sign. A complaint can be dismissed if not
M. Address of Property – Enter the street address and city
properly signed.
(physical location) of each property listed on the complaint form.


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