Abstract Form (Writing An Abstract - Examples)


IN ORDER for the SSTFI to remain AFFILIATED with the Intel ISEF
ALL STUDENTS regardless of age must complete an abstract.
The abstract should be completed after finishing research and experimentation.
Students may use either the INTEL ISEF Abstract Form or the SSTFI Abstract Form
(Please NOTE: projects do not have to use the actual form for display or submission
purposes; HOWEVER, all information the Abstract Form requests including name &
project title MUST be on the paper).
The abstract should only be a MAXIMUM of 250 words and written/typed on only
An abstract should include the following information:
Purpose of the experiment
Procedures used
Data collected
The abstract needs to be displayed vertically on the project (not necessarily on the
backdrop but somewhere in the project display area).
What if my research is not completed at the time of entry submission?
Entries sent in prior to completion of experimentation please still send in the Abstract
Form and have written as much as is available at the time with the disclaimer that
research was not completed at time of entry submission.
The SRC will mark your project as in violation for competition and will look for
completed abstracts during SSTFI set-up. It is to your advantage to have the abstract
sent it at the time of SRC paperwork submission!
IMPORTANT NOTE: We do compile an abstract book to be utilized in the judging
rooms and award workroom in case of questions or clarifications so this is a very
IMPORTANT component to your project and should be well written and complete.
The abstracts typed into the on-line registration systems are the ones utilized
for these workbooks. No changes may be submitted to the books after the
permanent close of on-line student registration. (Generally the Saturday prior
to the fair).
How do I format my abstract?
For the most accurate abstract examples students should utilize journals or other
resources with published research papers within their area of study. These are the
best sources to see how researchers in the field format and write an abstract. (It is
also the best place to see what method of citation is used for bibliographies.)


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