No Lien Certification Request - The Borough Of Seven Fields


Revised 02/11/2014
2200 Garden Drive, Suite 100, Seven Fields, PA. 16046
Phone (724) 776-3090
Fax (724) 776-3082
Request for No-Lien Certification-PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY
Person & Company Ordering:_________________________________________________
Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________
Phone # (____)______________Fax # (_____)______________E-Mail__________________
Property Owner’s Name:_______________________________________________________
Property Street Address:_______________________________________________________
Property Lot/Parcel Number:____________________________________________________
Mortgage Company of Buyer:_______________________________
Refinance? Yes / No
Closing Date?____________________
Name of Buyer(s):____________________________________________________________
Instructions: This form must be completed and sent separately to the following:
Municipal Certification/Water Certification: Borough of Seven Fields, 2200 Garden Drive, Suite 100,
Seven Fields, PA 16046 ($30 check payable to “Borough of Seven Fields”) Phone: 724-776-3090 Fax:
724-776-3082 *$60 due if received less than five business days before closing.
Property Tax Certification: Patty Hohman, Tax Collector, 400 Hampton Court, Seven Fields, PA 16046
($25.00 check payable to “Patty Hohman”) Phone: 724-252-2299,
If within
5 days of closing—Rush price-$35.00.
Wage Tax Certification: Berkheimer Associates, 103 South Duffy Road, Butler, PA 16001
($10 check payable to “Berkheimer Assoc.”) Phone: 724-282-0377
Sewer Certification: Breakneck Creek Regional Authority, PO Box 1180, Mars, PA. 16046-1180 (*$30)
check made payable to B.C.R.A. (faxed requests included). Phone: 724-625-1699; Fax: 724-538-8461
Other Utilities: Cable/Phone/Internet - Armstrong Utilities (877-277-5711) or Consolidated
Communications (724-443-9521). Electric - Penn Power (800-720-3600). Gas - Columbia (888-460-
4332), Peoples (800-764-0111) or Equitable (800-654-6335). Garbage pick-up is contracted by the
Borough with Vogel Disposal (724-625-1511).
Forest/Hillvue Homeowner’s Association-Cranberry Property Management-724-799-5152-P.O. Box
2225, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066 Brandywine Commons Homeowner’s Association-Community
Management Community Group (Bob Pasko), P.O. Box 779, Wexford, PA 15090; Castle Creek
Homeowner’s Association-RJ Community Management Services Group, 20475 Route 19, Cranberry
Twp., PA 16066, 412-527-8557; Hawthorne Commons Homeowner’s Association-Community
Management Group (Bob Pasko), P. O. Box 779, Wexford, PA 15090, Ph. 724-625-8095.
*A self-addressed stamped envelope MUST also be enclosed with each request.
*No-lien certification requires 5 business days prior to closing for the $30 fee—less than five business
days a fee of $60 is imposed. Please plan accordingly to permit sufficient time for processing. The
Borough of Seven Fields must receive notifications from the Real Estate Tax Collector and Earned
Income Tax Collector before the Borough issues the Municipal No Lien Letter if previously occupied.
For Office Use Only:
Fee: Paid $_________ Check #:________ Date Received:________ Rec’d By:__________
Y:DOCFORM LETTERSFORMSNo Lien Request form UPDATED 2112014.doc


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