Temecula Valley Museum 12th Annual 3rd Grade History Contest


Temecula Valley Museum 12
Annual 3
Grade History Contest
Contest Rules:
Each report must be 150 words or less and focus on Temecula’s local social or
natural history. Each report must be in one of the following formats:
Written Report/Book –Written report or book can be 12 pt font typed with double spacing or
handwritten. Book format must be no larger than letter size paper (8 ½ inches by 11 inches); may
incorporate text and images; and must be 2 to 10 pages.
Video (DVD) — Must be no longer than 8 minutes.
Power Point Presentation — A printed copy must accompany each Power Point presentation and
must be no longer than 12 pages.
Poster — No larger than 20 inches by 24 inches. Text, black and white or color photographs,
found images or drawings may be incorporated.
3-Dimensional Model — A historical structure with accuracy and appeal, which must include a
written or 12 pt font typed with double spacing description no longer than 2 pages; overall
preferred size 15 inches by 15 inches but cannot exceed 20 inches by 30 inches; and must be only
one piece .
Each report must have a History Contest form attached which will include the student’s full name;
teacher’s name; name of the student’s school; and the title of the report. Reports without this form
will not be accepted for entry.
Judging Criteria:
The report will be reviewed by the Award Committee and judging
criterion based on the following:
 Historical Accuracy: This category deals with the accuracy of dates and facts
 Clerical Accuracy: This category deals with the accuracy of spelling, grammar and
if all the entry rules are met.
 Concept Organization: This category deals with the clarity of expression and
understandability of the project ideas.
 Material Organization: This category deals with the neatness of the presentation;
its orderly arrangement and the ability to follow the material from beginning to end.
 Creativity: This category deals with the originality of the report concept and its
physical presentation. This includes the novelty of the idea and presentation; the
effectiveness of the medium used; and whether the project appears to be primarily
the work of the student or shows significant parental participation.
All participants will receive a museum participation acknowledgement certificate.
The report must be delivered to the Temecula Valley Museum, 28314 Mercedes St., Old Town
Temecula by no later than Friday, March 21
6:00 P.M. Winners will be announced Friday April
. The reports will be displayed at the Temecula Valley Museum from April 12
through May
No reports will be accepted after Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 6:00 PM.


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