Peer Observation Of Small Group Teaching Form


Peer Observation of Small Group Teaching Form
Observer:__________________________________ Teacher:________________________________Date:_________
Establishing the Learning Environment
(might include: demonstrates interest in getting
to know the learners and assists them in
identifying learning needs, encourages
questions and healthy disagreements, promotes
use of prior knowledge and skills, etc.)
Promoting Learners’ Engagement (might
include: uses questions for clarification or to
probe reasoning, encourages information and
experience sharing, encourages questioning and
critique etc.)
Method of Teaching (might include: assumes
appropriate role for the environment, models
and encourages critical thinking, uses examples
related to learners’ experience and knowledge
Managing the Session (might include:
communicates learning goals, limits digression
in group discussions, time used efficiently etc.)
Feedback Solicits and provides Timely,
Appropriate, Constructive and Thoughtful
feedback that facilitates growth and application
Developed using the following references: Newman et al (2012) Shapiro Institute for Education and Research;
Peer Review of Teaching, Macquarie University; Blanco et al.
leaders/RIME_Peer_Feedback.pdf )


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