Cabrillo College Transcript Evaluation Request Form


Transcript Evaluation Request Form
Please complete this form in order to have course work from another institution evaluated by
Cabrillo College. All official transcripts and test scores must be on file from institutions attended
at the time evaluation is requested.
Name (Last, First) ___________________________________ Student ID #______________
Phone # (___)___________ E-mail address________________________________________
Please list all Colleges/Universities attended and Tests Taken (AP, CLEP, IB)
Are official transcripts
Term type
Name of School and/or Tests Taken (AP, CLEP, IB)
on file with Cabrillo?
Semester/ Quarter
Semester or Quarter
Yes or No
Semester or Quarter
Yes or No
Semester or Quarter
Yes or No
Semester or Quarter
Yes or No
Semester or Quarter
Yes or No
Evaluate for the following GE Pattern and unit totals (units attempted, units completed, and
grade points). Note: the resulting UC and CSU unit totals are advisory; final unit
totals will be determined by the UC or CSU campuses. Check only one:
California State University (CSU) GE pattern and CSU unit totals
IGETC GE pattern and unit totals
(indicate if seeking UC ___ or CSU ___ or both UC & CSU ___)
Cabrillo AA (non-transfer) and degree applicable unit totals
Cabrillo AS (non-transfer) and degree applicable unit totals
Student Signature
____________________ Date________________
Counselor Name (Please Print) ____________________________________ Date___________


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