Certification Letter Template


Certification Letter
PROJECT NAME: ______________________________________
The project is complete, as designed and approved. At this time, all conditions set forth
in land use and attached to the permit issued by Josephine County Public Works have
been met. The attached as-built contain any and all approved revisions to the previously
approved construction plans and reflect the work which was constructed. The site and
adjacent properties (as affected by work performed under the County permit) are stable
with respect to settlement and subsidence, shallow and deep sloughing of cut and fill
slopes. This letter has, as attachment, a copy of a certification letter from any specialists
that were required in the design of the project (soils engineer, surveyor, arborist, wetland
scientist, engineering hydrologist, etc.) that covers the items relating to their specialty. In
addition, I am also indicating that the site either has all vegetation/landscaping
established or all erosion control measures as needed based on the current best
management practice, and are installed in good working order. This certification also
guarantees that the improvements covered by this permit are complete and are currently
functioning (or capable of functioning) as designed. Adequate inspection and testing has
been accomplished to ensure that by stamping and signing each page "As-Built", I am in
compliance with OAR 820-20-025. This signature constitutes a certification that the
public improvements, grading, and other elements of the engineered drawings have been
completed in accordance with the County approved plans and to the standards of the
Seal of Design Professional
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