Petition For Retroactive Withdrawal


Petition for Retroactive Withdrawal
Please refer to the retroactive withdrawal policy in the UMKC Catalog for further information regarding this process.
Students may be candidates for retroactive withdrawal if any of the following conditions are true:
There was a documented administrative error that
You encountered documented extreme and unusual
affected your enrollment in one or more courses.
circumstances which (a) were beyond your control,
(b) occurred after the withdrawal date, and (c) could
You have documentation of a serious illness that
not have been addressed during the term in which
affected your ability to complete all of your
the course(s) was taken.
coursework after the withdrawal date.
Students are not candidates for retroactive withdrawal if any of the following conditions are true:
You are applying because you are not satisfied with
You were ill or you suffered stress as the result of an
the grade you earned.
accident, death, family crisis, or other crisis early
enough in the semester to have withdrawn during
You are applying because you neglected to formally
the semester.
withdraw from the course(s) in question.
You have already received a UMKC degree for
You were not aware of the withdrawal deadlines.
which the course(s) in question were applied
You changed your major and are now working
towards degree requirements and/or your UM grade
towards a major or degree which does not require
point average.
this course.
If any of the above are found to be true of your case,
You assumed non-academic activities which
your request for retroactive withdrawal will be
restricted your time for academic pursuit.
Process for submitting a retroactive withdrawal petition:
1. Complete the petition for retroactive withdrawal form.
2. Attach supporting, official documentation which demonstrates serious and compelling reasons (usually due to serious
accident or illness) justifying the withdrawal and the extenuating circumstances justifying its retroactive nature.
3. Submit the petition and documentation to the School or College where your major is housed.
4. All decisions will be made by each School or College’s Retroactive Withdrawal or Petition for Exception Committee.
5. Individual instructor’s feedback should be considered with all petitions.
6. Once a decision is made, the home School or College will send all documentation to the Registration & Records
Office for processing and inclusion in your UMKC student record.
7. Students who submit a retroactive withdrawal are not typically candidates for fee refunds.
STEP 1: Student information
Name _____________________________________________________
Date submitted _______________________
Student ID number __________________________________________
Student level
School or College (academic unit)
Students enrolled in the programs with asterisks (*) listed
below should refer to the retroactive withdrawal policies and
Graduate:  iPhD
 Other ____________
procedures for these schools as they may have more
Professional (Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy)
stringent requirements.
Undergraduate and Graduate
College of Arts & Sciences
School of Dentistry *
School of Biological Sciences
School of Law *
Bloch School of Business and Public Administration
School of Medicine *
School of Computing and Engineering
School of Pharmacy *
Conservatory of Music & Dance
School of Education
School of Graduate Studies *
School of Nursing
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