Statement Of Use Sale Non-Existence Of Property Or Discontinuation Of Business

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Harris County Appraisal District
13013 Northwest Fwy.
P. O. Box 922007
Statement of Use, Sale, Non-existence of
Houston, TX 77292-2007
(713) 957-7800
Property, or Discontinuance of Business
Form A/P
Instructions: This form is to be used to present facts or evidence concerning your property to the Harris County Appraisal District or Harris
County Appraisal Review Board. Please write legibly and attach any relevant documents. You may use this form as proof of a sale of a
business, proof of the sale or disposition of business personal property, or proof that a business did not own assets (including motor vehicles,
aircraft, and vessels) which are subject to appraisal by the Harris County Appraisal District. The completed form must be delivered to the Harris
County Appraisal Review Board before the date of any scheduled hearing. The affidavit must be executed before a Notary Public or other
official authorized to administer oaths, and submitted to the address above.
Part I - Owner/Business Name and Property Identification
Tax ID Number
Property Owner
HCAD Account Number
Mailing Address (P. O. Box or number and street)
Property Description
City, State, and ZIP + 4
Tax Year(s)
Agent's Name and Code, if any
Daytime Telephone Number (area code and number)
Part II - Property Status (Mark the appropriate box and provide all relevant information in the space provided.)
The business was closed.
The business or property was sold.
Date of Closure
Date of Sale
The business was moved.
Date of Move
New Location
Property, including vehicles, aircraft, or vessels, is not used for the production of income. Note: Depreciable assets for purposes of federal
taxation, including motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels, as well as assets in storage are considered income producing assets.
SOLD: Vehicle(s), Aircraft, or Vessel(s) sold before January 1.
(Please complete the chart below)
VIN Number (vehicle),
License Number (vehicle),
Purchaser Name & Address
Date of Transaction
N Number (aircraft), or
Serial Number (aircraft),
Official Number (vessel)
or Name (vessel)
SITUS: Vehicle(s), Aircraft, or Vessel(s) sitused in another county or state. (Please complete the chart below)
VIN Number (vehicle),
License Number (vehicle),
N Number (aircraft), or
Serial Number (aircraft),
(county or state)
Official Number (vessel)
or Name (vessel)
Explanation: Use this space to explain or clarify the status of your business or any assets owned by your business.
Please continue on other side of form.


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