The Periodic Table Color Coding Activity


Color coding the Periodic Table
Use your phones to look up the following information and color them on the periodic table on the
back or this sheet. You also need to look up and answer the questions on the side of this page.
When coloring, COLOR LIGHTLY, so that all of the information still shows through!
1) The element symbol and numbers are provided. Group numbers above each column is also
2) LABEL the group names above each of the following:
a. Alkali metals
b. Alkaline earth metals
c. Transition metals
d. Halogens
e. Noble gases
3) Using a black color, DRAW in the zigzag line that separates the metals from the nonmetals
4) Color the square for hydrogen, H, pink (or light red)
5) LIGHTLY COLOR all alkali metals blue
6) COLOR all alkaline earth metals a shade of light blue (or aqua)
7) COLOR all transition metals green
8) COLOR all halogens orange
9) COLOR all noble gases yellow
10) COLOR all metalloids purple
11) COLOR all other nonmetals any color not already listed
12) MAKE A KEY at the bottom that indicates which color identifies each group


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