4th Grade Reading Log


Grade Reading Log
People who read the most, read the best! Whatever your reading level,
the more you read and think about what you’ve read, the more accomplished a
reader you become. In addition, when you write about something you read,
your writing skills improve.
You are required to read a chapter book for 20 minutes, four days a week and record the
date, title and your time read. Read a book that is at your reading level and that is interesting to
you. You may not read the same book over and over during the school year. There should be a
variety in what you read and it should be grade level or above grade level material.
You are also required to write one complete paragraph in summary or response to what you
have read during the week. This assignment will alternate weekly. The writing is to be done by
you! Remember each paragraph should follow the template or template starter.
Summary: This paragraph should be a summary of what you read (tell what is happening in the
story, be specific by using character names, details and settings from your book using the sum-
mary writing template.
Response: The paragraph should be a response to one of the following:(see response template
Write about a time in your life that this book reminds you of. (Text to Self, T-S)
Write about how it connects to another book or story you know. (Text to Text, T-T)
Write about a problem that is happening in the world which is similar to a problem in the
book. (Text to World, T-W)
Write about a character you like, or don’t like, remember to tell why.
Give your opinion or review of this book or part of the book. Give support for you opinion.
If it is a nonfiction book, give a couple of interesting facts you have learned.
If it is a nonfiction book, tell why you wanted to read this and why you are interested in the
How to complete your Reading Log
Fill in each line: Date (day/month/year, ex. 20/10/13 or Oct. 20, 2013). Title of book (remember to
underline title and capitalize important words). Time read (it should be a minimum of 20 minutes a
Write your paragraph at the bottom of the page or write it on a separate sheet. Write neatly with
correct spelling. Use a dictionary or ask an expert if you don’t know how to spell a word. Use the
book cover to spell the title correctly. Make sure your paragraph uses the template, has a least
five sentences and is interesting to read!
Once a week have your parent initial your log to verify you have completed your reading and writ-
ing assignment.
Reading logs are due Friday.
Keep in a safe space. Put into your homework folder and then your backpack as soon as you are
finished so it’s there to hand in. Use good organization!


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