Nonfiction Book Report


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Nonfiction Book Report
Nonfiction: any story that is based on the real world or events, people, animals, places,
science, etc.
1. Select a nonfiction book (not an encyclopedia, reference book, or magazine article).
Make sure it is a book that you have not read before. Choose a book following the
“Five Finger Rule”-five or less words you can not read on a page and it’s too hard!
2. Make a poster with the following:
~your name
~book title
~author and illustrator
~five interesting facts you learned from the book
Use complete sentences!
3. Illustrate your poster. Be creative in your design
and with the materials you use
(crayons, markers, paint, colored paper, stickers, etc.)
4. Practice your report at home and bring it on the due date.
Suggestions for Oral Presentations:
-Plan ahead. Don’t do things at the last minute.
-Practice your presentation at home.
-Use a loud, clear voice.
-Have good eye contact with the audience.
-Be enthusiastic and smile. ☺
-Speak at a good pace-not too fast and not
too slow.
-Stand straight and don’t fidget.


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