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1328 Westover Road
Sample Accounting
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
Cover Letter
February 02, 2004
Mr. Mark Downey
Human Resource Director
1 Indiana Square, Suite 3400
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Dear Mr. Downey:
I am writing to share with you my interest in applying for the Accountant position with
BKD as recently advertised through the Accounting and Finance Department at Indiana
University, Fort Wayne. Not only is BKD a recognized leader in the accounting industry,
but it also enjoys an impeccable reputation. BKD comes highly recommended as an
outstanding organization with which to work by the Department Chair for Accounting
and Finance.
I am especially interested in working for BKD because of your client commitment. I have
excelled in basic and intermediate level accounting courses, and feel confident in my
abilities as an accountant. I gained practical work experience in the audit department of a
smaller accounting firm and also worked in the accounts receivable division for an
agricultural company two summers ago. In addition, as a result of my academic
accomplishments and leadership, I was asked to serve as a office assistant in the
Accounting Department, offering assistance in various ways to first-year accounting
students. As a result of these experiences, I am certain that my accounting knowledge and
experiences will benefit your firm.
I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and will sit for the CPA
exam in May. Enclosed with this letter is my résumé, which summarizes all of my
educational achievements, career-related experience, diverse leadership experiences,
honors, and activities.
I would like the opportunity to discuss with you in person my background, qualifications,
and how I believe I can make a significant contribution to BKD. I will call you within the
next 10 days to discuss when such a meeting would be possible. In the meantime, feel
free to contact me at (260) 982-5242, or my email at if you have
any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.
John Smith


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