Request For Qualifications Qualifications Of Proposer Form

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Request for Qualifications
Qualifications of Proposer Form RFQ-PP
(one page per project)
Proposer shall complete the following information for completed projects within the past five (5) years, where the Proposer believes the project
is of equal or greater scope, size, and complexity that best represents its ability to complete this Project. Complete all required information and
submit this Form as required by the RFQ. Failure to submit this Form or complete the Form may result in the Response being rejected as
non-responsive. List no more than 5 projects: Reference form RPQ-PP-R must be submitted for each Form RFQ-PM that is submitted.
RFQ Solicitation No.:____________________
RFQ Title:______________________________________________________
Name of Proposer: _____________________
Name of Project: _______________________________________________
Address of Project: _________________________________________
Name of Owner: __________________________
Contact Name: ___________________________________________
Contact Telephone No. ___________________
Contact e-mail address: ___________________________________
Brief Scope of Project & how project is similar: _______________________________________________________________
Value of Design Fees: Awarded: ______________________ Actual: ______________________ N/A
Basis for difference in value: ______________________________________________________________________________
Value of Construction: (if applicable): Awarded: ________________________ Actual: ________________________ N/A
Basis for difference in value: ______________________________________________________________________________
Project Completion (no. of calendar days): Projected: ______________________ Actual: ______________________
Type of Project:
Other (specify): __________________________________
LEED or Green Globe Certified Project:
No If yes, level of Certification: ____________________________________
Signature of Authorized Officer
Printed Name


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