Move-In Essentials Available At The Cornell Store


Move-in essentials
available at The Cornell Store
personal care & supplies
q contact lens supplies
q backpack
q deodorant / lotions / cosmetics
q calendar / planner
q ear plugs
q calculator
q flip flops / shower shoes
q hangers
detergent & stain removers
q desk organizer
q mouthwash
q reusable water bottle / mugs
q over-the-counter medicines
q journals
q sewing kit
q notebooks / binders
q shampoo & conditioner
q pens / pencils
q shower tote / razors
q stapler / staples
q tissues & paper products
q stamps
q toothbrush / tooth paste / floss
q UL approved outlet strips
q women’s products
q 3-2 prong adapters
q air freshener / cleaning supplies
q computers, laptops & tablets
for your room
tech & fun
q alarm clock / fan
q Apple TV / Roku
q bed risers (for underbed storage)
q computer & printer supplies
q message boards
q phone accessories
q towels / sheets / blankets
q headphones / earbuds
q closet organizer / stool
q flash drives / media cards
q first-aid supplies
q bike lock & lights
q molding hooks & door stops
q tennis balls
q over-the-door hooks
q MP3 player
q laundry bag / hamper
q swim goggles & swim cap
q games
Tip #1
Tip #2
Tip #3
Tip #4
Television service
Travel light & buy
Bring your
Use cardboard
is available in some
dorm items from
swimsuit for the
boxes to pack &
facilities. You must
our Bed, Bath &
required swim test.
move your stuff,
individually arrange
Beyond store:
We sell goggles,
which can then
for this service.
sheets, pillows,
caps & ear plugs.
be recycled
room organizers &
much more.
you arrive.
For details about our services,


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