Walk-Through Observation Template


Claiborne County School District
Walk-through Observation
Teacher: _________________________
Date: __________
Time in: ________ Time out:_______
Focus: ___ Reinforcement ___ Refinement ___ Common Core Indicators
Instructional Planning and Delivery
IPD Teacher Behaviors/Actions
___ Objective clearly posted/stated
___ Teaching higher-order thinking skills
___ Lesson materials strongly align to the objective
___ Implementing problem-solving strategies
___ Engaging and effective instructional strategies
___ Connecting to other content areas
___ Varied and effective grouping strategies
___ Use of graphic organizers
___ Real world connections
___ Use of manipulatives
___ Effective questioning strategies
___ Use of visuals/examples
___ Monitoring student understanding/providing feedback
___ Use of technology
___ Effective pacing and sequencing
___ Assessment/checks for understanding
___ Directions are clear, concise, and achievable
___ Provides activities/materials
___ Differentiated Instruction
___ Lecturing
___ Guided practice/drill
___ Other (see notes)
IPD Student Behaviors/Actions
___ Balance of student vs. teacher talk time
___ Student responses varied mode and depth
___ Balance of response to questioning
___ Adequate time to practice independently
___ Time to practice critical and higher-order thinking
___ Objective mastery formally assessed at end of class
___ Students are able to make cross-curricular connections
___IEPs receiving appropriate accommodations
Student Grouping
___ Small Groups
___Cooperative Learning
___ Study groups
___ Whole class instruction
___ Stations
___ Student lead groups


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