Improvising Parameters - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards Chord Progression Charts


Parameters for Session skills – Improvising
Initial–Grade 8 for all instruments
If you choose Improvising, you will be asked to improvise in a specified style over a backing track that you have not seen or heard before.
You will be given a chord chart and have 30 seconds to study it or to try out any sections. The examiner will then play the recorded backing track, which
consists of a passage of music played on a loop.
You should improvise in the given style over the backing track, which will be played four times through before fading out. A count-in will be given at the
beginning of the recording, and a backing rhythm will be played throughout.
Guitar and Keyboards candidates can choose whether to play a lead melodic line, rhythmic chords, or a combination of the two.
In the exam you will have two chances to play along with the track:
first time – for practice
second time – for assessment.
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