Major Chord Progression Chart


Major Chord Progression Chart
Major Chord triads are formed using the I, III, V notes of the scale, i.e. Cmajor is
formed using the notes: C, E & G. Gmajor chord is formed using: G, B & D.
Minor Chord triads are formed using the I, IIIb (flat), V notes of the scale, ie. Em
is formed using the notes E, G & B notes. Am is formed using A, C & E notes.
Dimished Chords are formed using the I, IIIb & Vb notes of the scales. B
diminished) is formed using notes: B, D & F of the B scale. Here’s a handy trick
to making the diminished chord on guitar:
Any of the red notes can form a diminished chord of that root. I.e,
at the first fret, this would be a E
, Bb
, or C
chord. Move it down one fret: B
From the chart above a Cmajor chord progression would be:
Cmajor, Dminor, Eminor, Fmajor, Gmajor, Aminor, B
and back to Cmajor.
“Cowboy” chords are the I, IV & V chords. For key of C: Cmajor, Fmajor, Gmajor.
These are often referred to as the “three chord trick” because they can be used
to play against many, many tunes.


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