Real Estate Sale Contract Chicago Title Insurance


1. _______________________________________________________________________________________________(Purchaser)
agrees to purchase at a price of $ __________________________________ on the terms set forth herein, the following described
real estate in ___________________ County, Illinois:
commonly known as _____________________________________________________________________, and with approximate
lot dimensions of ______________ x ______________, together with the following property presently located thereon:
2. (Seller) agrees to sell the real estate and the property described above, if any, at the price and terms set forth herein, and to convey
or cause to be conveyed to Purchaser or nominee title thereto by a recordable ____________________________ deed, with release of
homestead tights, if any, and a proper bill of sale, subject only to: (a) covenants, conditions and restrictions of record; (b) private,
public and utility easements and roads and highways, if any; (c) party wall rights and agreements, or any; (d) existing leases and
tenancies (as listed in Schedule A attached); (e) special taxes or assessments for improvements not yet completed, (f) installments
not due at the date hereof of any special tax or assessment for improvements heretofore completed; (g) mortgage or trust deed
specified below, if any; (h) general taxes for the year _______________ and subsequent years including taxes which may accrue by
reason of new of additional improvements during the year(s) ______________; and to
3. Purchaser has paid $ _____________________ as earnest money to be applied on the purchase price, and agrees to pay or satisfy
the balance of the purchase price, plus or minus prorations, at the time of closing as follows: (strike language and subparagraphs not
(a) The payment of $ __________________
(b) The payment of $ _______________________________________ and the balance payable as follows:
to be evidenced by the note of Purchaser (grantee), providing for full prepayment privileges without penalty, which shall be secured
by a part-purchase money mortgage (trust deed), the latter instrument and the note to be in the form hereto attached as Schedule B,
or, in the absence of this attachment, the forms prepared by _____________________________________________ and identified as
Nos. _______________,** and by a security agreement (as to which Purchaser will execute or cause to be executed such financing
statements as may be required under the Uniform Commercial Code in order to make the lien created thereunder effective), and an
assignment of rents, said security agreement and assignment of rents to be in the forms appended hereto as Schedules C and D.
Purchaser shall furnish to Seller an American Land Title Association loan policy insuring the mortgage (trust deed) issued by the
Chicago Title Insurance Company.
(**If a Schedule B is not attached and the blanks are not filled in, the note shall be secured by a trust deed, and the note and trust
deed shall be in the forms used by The Chicago Trust Company.)
(c) .The acceptance of the title to the real estate by Purchaser subject to a mortgage or trust deed of record securing a principal
indebtedness (which the Purchaser [does] [does not] agree to assume) aggregating $ ____________________ bearing interest at the
rate of __________% a year, and the payment of a sum which represents the difference between the amount due on the indebtedness
at the time of closing and the balance of the purchase price.
4. Seller, at his own expense, agrees to furnish Purchaser a current plat of survey of the above real estate made, and so certified by
the surveyor as having been made, in compliance with the Illinois Land Survey Standards.


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