Real Estate Sale Contract Template


1. _____________________________________________________________________________ (Purchaser) agrees to purchase at
a price of $
on the terms set forth herein, the following described real estate in
County, Illinois:
(If legal description is not included at time of execution,
is authorized to insert thereafter.)
commonly known as _____________________________________________________________________, and with approximate
dimensions of __________________ x __________________, together with the following property presently located thereon:
items not applicable) (a) storm and screen doors and windows; (b) awnings; (c) outdoor television antenna; (d) wall-to-wall, hallway
and stair carpeting; (e) window shades and draperies and supporting fixtures; (f) venetian blinds; (g) electric, plumbing and other
attached fixtures as installed; (h) water softener; (
i) refrigerator(s); (j)
range(s); (k) garage door opener with
transmitters; (1) radiator covers; (m) indoor and outdoor (1ouvered) shutters; and also
(Insert names of all owners and their respective spouses)
agrees to sell the real estate and the property, if any, described above at the price and terms set forth herein, and to convey or cause
to be conveyed to Purchaser or nominee title thereto (in joint tenancy) by a
deed, with
release of homestead rights, and a proper bill of sale, subject only to: (a) covenants, conditions and restrictions of record; (b) private,
public and utility easements and roads and highways, if any; (c) party wall rights and agreements, if any; (d) existing leases and
tenancies; (e) special taxes or assessments for improvements not yet completed; (f) any unconfirmed special tax or assessment; (g)
installments not due at the date hereof of any special tax or assessment for improvements heretofore completed; (h) mortgage or trust
deed specified below, if any; ( i) general taxes for the year
and subsequent years including taxes which may
accrue by reason of new or additional improvements during the year(s)
; and to
3. Purchaser has paid $
(and will pay within _____ days the additional sum of
) as earnest money
to be applied on the purchase price, and agrees to pay or satisfy the balance of the purchase price, plus or minus
prorations, at the
time of closing as follows: (strike subparagraph not applicable)
The payment of $ ______________________________________________________________________
_ .
The acceptance of the title to the real estate by Purchaser subject to a mortgage (trust deed) of record securing a principal
indebtedness (which the Purchaser [does] [does not] agree to assume) aggregating $
____ _
bearing interest at
the rate of ______________% a year, and the payment of a sum which represents the difference between the amount due on the
indebtedness at the time of closing and the balance of the purchase price.
4. This contract is subject to the condition that Purchaser be able to procure within __________________ days a firm commitment
for a loan to be secured by a mortgage or trust deed on the real estate in the amount of $_________________, or such lesser sum as
Purchaser accepts, with interest not to exceed
% a year to be amortized
years, the commission and
service charges for such loan not to exceed
________________%. If, after making every reasonable effort,
Purchaser is unable to procure such commitment within the time specified herein and so notifies Seller thereof within that time, this
contract shall become null and void and all earnest money shall be returned to Purchaser; provided that if Seller, at his option,
within a like period of time following Purchaser's notice, procures for Purchaser such a commitment or notifies Purchaser that Seller
will accept a purchase money mortgage upon the same terms, this contract shall remain in full force and effect.
(Strike paragraph if
5. The time of closing shall be on
, or 20 days after notice that financing has been
procured if above paragraph 4 is operative, or on the date, if any, to which such time is extended by reason of paragraph 2 of the
Conditions and Stipulations hereafter becoming operative (whichever date is later), unless subsequently mutually agreed otherwise,
at the office of ____________________________ or of the mortgage lender, if any, provided title is shown to be good or is accepted
by Purchaser.


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