Skills Inventory & Analysis Worksheet


Skills Inventory & Analysis Worksheet
The Skills Inventory & Analysis Worksheet provides a list of skills that are generally associated
as stable predictors of success in a position.
Additional blank rows have been added at the bottom of the Worksheet to allow for position or
organization specific skills that are requirements for success, as each workplace and job will
require a specific skill set to succeed in the position. These should be used only as sample
A skill is defined as the ability to do something well
A competency is defined as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently
Column 1 – Skill/Competency
Please review each job title, and align the necessary skills with the position, and organization.
Column 2 – Rating
Establish a rating based on a 1-5 scale for each skill, where “1” will indicate a weak skill set that
requires improvement, and “5” represents a significant strength.
Column 3 –Strength of Skill
This column serves as a validity check for Column 2. Where a staff member is provided with a
high rating on a specific skill, there should be a number of examples that showcase their
mastery of this skill. Where there is a noted absence of examples, it can be used as an
indication that there is a potential lack of strength in this area.
Column 4 – Strategy to Address Shortcomings
For all skills that received a rating of 3 or less, define a strategy or plan of action to address the
identified gaps in skills. For some skills-sets, a learning plan may be utilized. Other forms may
include ongoing education, training and development, mentoring, job-shadowing, or other
performance improvement plan.
Column 5 – Importance to Your Business
Core skills that are required for success in the position, and core skills that align with
organizational goals and vision should be ranked highly, as opposed to non-essential job tasks.
A functional job analysis may be utilized to determine the weighting and priority of specific roles
within a job title.
Skills Inventory Worksheet


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