Accelerated Reading Program


Dear Parents,
The fourth grade is piloting the Accelerated Reading program to be more beneficial and challenging for
the students. Accelerated Reading/Math are programs that are made to meet the individual learning
abilities of each student. All students in the fourth grade are not on the same reading level or math
level. Therefore, individual goals and points have been given to each student to work within his/her
individual needs. In order for this program to be successful, communication between teacher, students,
and parents is paramount for student success. Frequently each week, teachers will meet with the
student to make sure he/she is focusing and working to their potential.
Every two weeks we would like you to sign off verifying a parent has reviewed the log and witnessed the
student reading at home. We would like to encourage a half hour of reading nightly. If a student does
not have any written homework, he/she might choose to read an hour and take the next night off.
Each student knows his/her individual goal, and should be able to share with you the expectations as
explained above. The reading log aspect is new, and we will get it worked out by the end of this week.
Attached is the reading log and an extra page so you will know and understand what to look for. At the
bottom of this page, we will explain what should be on the reading log daily and give an example below.
Fourth Grade Teachers
The example given is about a student who has a reading goal of 40 points for the quarter. When broken
down, that is _________points per week. By midterm, the students need to have 20 points (or close to
20 points.) The example student may read books between the 3.3 reading level and the 6.0 reading
level. This means on a weekly level, a teacher might expect two books close to 3.3 read in a row, and
then might challenge the student to read a higher level book such as a 6.0 book.


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