Nautilus Middle School Community Service Log Sheet


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The Nautilus Middle School IB Middle Years Program requires all students to complete community
service. Education neither ends nor begins in the classroom and essential aspects of learning exist in
all areas of life. Community service volunteer projects balance the emphasis on academic
achievement with experiences that benefit all participants. Additionally, community service projects
challenge each individual to develop a spirit of discovery and self-reliance, to encourage
development of personal skills, and to inspire awareness, concern, and responsibility in service to
the local and global community.
Community Service is…
Community Service is NOT…
Identifying a community need and working in
Any activity for which the student receives
association with an agency, organization, or
payment or that personally benefits a family
institution to meet or improve the need as
member or relative.
long as there is no monetary benefit to the
Babysitting for payment or for family
recipient because of the student’s involvement.
Working at a relative’s workplace
Charity Fund Raising
Working at a place of business
After School and Community Volunteer
Unsupervised projects
Teaching, mentoring, or tutoring others
Doing household chores
Public Library Volunteer
Assisting friends or neighbors with
family responsibilities.
Minimum Annual Requirements:
Assisting a teacher during school hours
Grade 6: 8 hours
Grade 7: 10 hours
Grade 8: 12 hours
*Students can keep the Community Service Log Sheet to maintain a record of the
completed hours.
*Make sure a supervising adult signs your IB Community Service Log at the time of
your activity.
*Complete a Community Service Reflection for each activity, at the time it is
* IB Community Service Reflection forms are available at the school website.
A. Laurence
Community and Service Team Leader
J. Billig—MYP Coordinator


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