Board Or Annual Membership Meeting Agenda Template


Name of organization
Type of meeting (i.e. Board or Annual membership meeting)
Date, time and place of meeting
Presiding (president or vice president in the absence of the president: serves as
facilitator of the meeting: does not vote except to break a tie; if wishes to speak to
an issue, the vice president facilitates during the discussion)
1. Call to Order (record the time in the minutes)
2. Roll Call (normally done the by secretary; those present and those absent
are recorded in the minutes; pass around list for signatures)
3. Approval of Minutes (minutes should be sent out prior to the meeting for
review; need a motion to accept or to “accept as corrected”)
4. Report of the President (president updates the board on activities and
actions since last meeting)
5. Report of the treasurer (includes income and expenses since last report;
bank balances; motions need to be made to approve funding and other
than routine payments; investments; etc)
6. Committee reports: (Committees give updates on what they have
accomplished since the last meeting; Nominating committee reports at this
7. Convention Report: latest details about convention planning. It is the
Board’s role to:
a. Approve the date, time and place of the meeting. If convention
includes annual membership meeting, consult bylaws for any
restrictions about when the meeting must be conducted)
b. Approve the convention theme
c. Determine the convention schedule
d. Prepare list of possible program topics
e. It is the president’s responsibility to plan the agenda for the annual
membership business meeting
f. The board may assign certain duties to staff (i.e. convention
management company)
8. Any unfinished business (review past minutes to determine is any
business needs to be addressed)
9. Any new business (the president should be informed prior to the meeting
if new business is going to be brought before the board)
10. Date, time and place of next meeting
11. Announcements
12. Adjournment (record the time in the minutes)
Remember: Minutes are a legal document and must be accurate, approved and


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