Board Meeting Agenda Template


 Legislative Committee
The committee considers issues relating to legislative proposals and recommends Board
positions on Assembly and Senate bills.
 Customer Services and Administrative Efficiency Committee
The committee addresses issues that affect customer service to taxpayers and
administrative operations throughout the Board.
 Business Taxes Committee
The committee provides a forum to discuss proposed regulations and policies relating to
sales and use tax and special taxes.
 Property Tax Committee
The committee promotes uniformity and consistency in property tax assessment and
administration by providing a forum to discuss property tax rules and guidelines.
Annual Board Member Photograph
The Board Members take an annual photograph, which is traditionally scheduled at the May
Sacramento meeting.
Annual Values Setting
The Board annually sets the unitary and nonunitary values of state-assessed properties at the
May Sacramento meeting (Revenue & Taxation Code 721).
Special Presentations
The Board Members make special presentations to staff members and others (i.e., resolutions,
Superior Accomplishment Awards, 25 Years Service Award, etc.).
Oral Hearings
Parties present oral arguments regarding reduction or cancellation of tax liability, refund of taxes
previously paid, reduction in assessed value, or other relief. Contribution disclosure forms are
required for oral hearings.
The five major categories of oral hearings, with their respective sub-categories, are:
Homeowner and Renter Property Tax Assistance Appeals Hearings
 Claim for Assistance
B. Corporate Franchise and Personal Income Tax Appeals Hearings
 Bank & Corporate Income Tax
 Personal Income Tax
 Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Reimbursement Claim
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