Personification Worksheet


1. Before the principal’s announcements, would you all please stand and recite our pledge.
2. They all wiggled around so much that they fell right out of the mouth until there were none
of them left!
3. But, actually, babies DO need teeth. Baby teeth are VERY important for several reasons.
4. Settle down teeth! You can’t go to Tooth Land—you’re needed here.
5. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria.
6. Dr. Flossman, my cousin got a cavity once, and he cried and cried like a big baby.
7. But a dentist can fix a cavity by drilling a hole into the damaged area of the tooth, clearing
away the bacteria, and putting in a hard filling
8. And it’s perfectly normal for a tooth to be frightened the first time it gets a cavity.
9. When a cavity is too small to see, a dentist will take an x-ray.
10. Sometimes if teeth are crooked a dentist will put braces on them to make them straight.
11. You were the last four teeth in the mouth, but by far the wisest.
12. George Washington, the first president of the United States, had lots of dental problems.


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