Letter Of Recommendation Request Form


Letter of Recommendation Request Form
To make the process of receiving a letter of recommendation more efficient, please
complete this form prior to requesting a letter of recommendation. Please complete
one form for each recommendation letter required. If this recommendation is for a
college or program, be sure to follow the guidelines for the institution you are
applying to regarding the number of recommendation letters required. Please also
keep in mind your resources for recommendation letters (college professors,
community service contacts, and high school teachers) when deciding who the letter
should be written by.
*** Letters of recommendation take time. Please allow at least one week to complete
your request. This may take longer depending on amount of requests received.***
Year in School: __________________
Deadline you need your letter by:___________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________
What is this letter for? Be specific. If this is a letter for general scholarships, state
that. If this is for a specific college or program, be sure to include their information
and letter requirements.
Provide information on both school-related and non-school related activities during
your high school years. This may include clubs, teams, community or religious
organizations, volunteer service, summer studies, travel or work experience. Also, if
you have received any awards, held a special office or role, please describe your
Positions held/Honors
Hours/ week
Years of participation
won/ Contributions made


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