Fiction Book Report Answer


Fiction Book Report
Answer in complete sentences. Attach an extra sheet of paper if necessary
Novel Title ____________________________________
Make your own connection to the character, setting, theme or conflict:
Author ________________________________________
1. __________________________________________ happened in the book.
Date reading was completed _______________________
2. _______________________________________happened to me (describe)
Number of pages ________________________________
3. What is the connection between the two?
Where did this book come from? ___________________
Main Character ___________________________________
What is the conflict in the novel? What does the main character want?
Explain the rising action. What steps does the main character take to
Explain the falling action. Is the main character static or dynamic? What
get what he/she wants: (actions)
does he/she learn about others and the world?
What is the theme of this novel? What lesson does the author want you to learn? Cite evidence to explain your answer.
1. Theme statement:
2. Cite textual evidence:
Summarize the book in 3-5 complete sentences.


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