Non-Fiction Book Report Template


DUE ________________
The book projects are designed to improve reading skills and comprehension, but
will also strengthen and encourage presentation skills and the writing process.
Book Report Project
1. All students will read a non-fiction book of 50+ pages and complete a mini-
research poster on the topic.
2. The poster will include a title, information, and colorful pictures.
3. Students will choose 4 subtopics for the main topic/book chosen.
4. Students will give a 3-5 minute oral report.
Choose your own subject and become an expert. Then, design your own
study-report in poster form.
1. Begin by reading about your subject in a book (at least 50 pages). You may use
additional resources to gather more information if needed.
2. Choose 4 subtopics for your main topic. Set up note cards for each subtopic.
3. Notes must be taken in brief “note” form. Do not use complete sentences. This
will help prevent plagiarism.
4. Take at least 6-10 notes on note cards for each subtopic.
5. Divide a ½ poster into 4 sections (one section for each subtopic) with a title
section at the top.
6. Write your 24-40 facts from your note cards onto the 4 sections on the poster in
complete sentences.
7. Each of the 4 sections should have a title of the subtopic AND a colorful picture
and/or illustrated border.
8. Neatness, appearance, and accuracy of the information will also be included in the
evaluation of this poster.
9. On the back of the poster, provide a correct reference for the book(s) chosen. Use
EasyBib on the SCA website (on Media Resource page).


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