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PRECINCT NUMBER __________________
State of Texas
No. _____________
In the Name and by the Authority of the State of Texas, I __________________, do
solemnly swear that I have good reason to believe that heretofore, to-wit: that on or about the
_____ day of ______________________, 20__, (date of child’s last absence) in the County of
El Paso, State of Texas, ______________________________ hereinafter referred to as
Defendant, the parent or person standing in parental relation of ____________________, a
child, who is required to attend school under Section 25.085 of the Texas Education Code did
with criminal negligence fail to require the child to attend school as required by law and the child
has unexcused absences for all or part of the following
Ten or more days or parts of a day within a six month period:
Day 1 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 2 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 3 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 4 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 5 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 6 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 7 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 8 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 9 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Day 10 ______________, 201__
___ All Day; Periods _________________
Against the peace and dignity of the State.
El Paso County, Texas
Sworn to and subscribed
before me the undersigned
authority on ____________
Notary Public, State of Texas


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