Example Of A Skills-Based Cv


Example of a skills-based CV
3 Lappage Court
Telephone: 01882 652349
Tyler Green, Bucks.
Mobile: 07717 121824
Personal Details
• Business studies with Spanish undergraduate.
• Ability to speak French and Spanish.
• Extensive business experience including an internship with Top Choice Holidays.
Skills and Achievements
Make sure you carefully assess the job advert/job
description and address all the skills they require.
Effective communication
• Able to communicate effectively with a wide range of clients and colleagues, by showing interest, carefully
listening to needs and appropriately adjusting my message, as demonstrated during my time at Finsbury’s
• Strong presentation skills and confidence demonstrated by experience of delivering presentations in different
languages to groups of five to fifty.
Customer service
• Ability to quickly build rapport with customers and calmly deal with any problems as shown during my retail
experience in high pressure environments.
• Capacity to maintain professional relationships through email and other written correspondence, for example,
at Audigest in Madrid, where I built longstanding business relationships with customers and colleagues across
the globe.
• At Top Choice Holidays demonstrated excellent teamwork skills in a busy financial environment, such as an
ability to listen to clients and managers, perform my role to a high level and support colleagues, resulting in
Prove you have each of the
• Excellent ability to plan ahead and manage time effectively, for example,
skills required by outlining
managing complex roles during my internship at Top Choice Holidays.
where you performed them
• Gathered data from a wide range of sources during my dissertation
and how you performed
them well.
whilst balancing my other studies and two jobs, resulting in a 73% grade.
Experience of travellers’ needs
• Recent travel consultancy experience gives me an in-depth understanding of the expectations of holiday
customers and the competitive nature of the industry.
• International travel experience and language ability give me an empathy with travellers and a passion for
helping them find a unique holiday experience.
• Self-funding an evening course in bookkeeping during my first accountancy role demonstrated my ability to
plan ahead and take control of my career.
• Successful study and work in Spain and Mexico show that I can creatively develop my skills and experience and
adapt to new and different environments.
Sales knowledge
• Wide experience of financial roles gives me an awareness of the tight monetary pressures which drive UK
service industries.


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