Example Of A Career Development Plan


Moving On
Example of a Career Development Plan for ‘Moving On’ participants
The ‘Moving On’ Career Development Plan will involve two aspects:
(1) a clear, documented planning and transition process that both Abound team members and
‘Moving On’ participants will be aware of and utilise
(2) the development of a simple portfolio for each participant that contains significant documents
such as a skills list and/or resume as well as records of his/her activities in the ‘Moving On’ program
(See below for tasks and activities) .
‘Moving On’ Career development Plan Program: a documented transition process
Program sequence of
Area/ Performance Indicators
Local standard / Personal
activities/ tasks
Area A
Over several hours individually
their interests, skills
or in groups participants develop
1.3.4 Identify your personal characteristics
values, strengths etc
a personal profile of skills,
such as interests, skills, values, beliefs and
interests, values, beliefs and
attitudes .
(b) Participants
Area C
Participants review their personal
ideas for activities that
profile choose two ideas to
8.3.10 Develop a range of scenarios supportive
follow up on. Then choose 1 to
of your preferred future.
situation and use a
work on in the immediate future,
giving reasons why the choice
process to choose one
was made and document the
decision in an appropriate way
activity to focus on.
eg diagram, written or spoken.


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