Character Analysis Worksheet And Explanation


Play/Film title _______________________
DRAMATIC ACTION for the play/film. Remember that a character is determined ONLY
AFTER his actions, not before. First, analyze the character’s wants and desires. What is the
character’s THROUGHLINE OF ACTION (the rational for his/her behavior) for the entire
play/film. Looking over the course of the script/film, what is the throughline for each character?
OBJECTIVE (Desire or Victory)
This is a statement of what a character wants most; power, dominance over others, love for
another, elf-integrity, dominance over fear, etc. Answer these questions:
What do I really want? Why? When do I want it? Why?
OBSTACLE (Other) This is the person or thing that is preventing him from getting what he
wants. What or who is standing in his way? From whom (in the play) does he want it? Who in the
play can help him? Who in the play can hurt him? Answer these questions:
From whom do I want it? Why? Who in the play can help me? Why?
Who in the play can hurt me? Why? What are my deepest fears? Why?
TACTIC (Will) This is a character’s relative strength in attaining his wants or desires. How can
he get what he wants? How (and whom) can he threaten? How (and whom) can he induce? How
strong or weak is his inner strength? Is it strong enough to push him the full limit, or will he
compromise? Does he have any sense of moral responsibility to others? How honest is he with
others and with himself? (a character’s moral stance will affect the attainment of his wants and
desires) Answer these questions:
How can I get it? Why? How (and whom) can I threaten? Why? How (and whom)
can I induce? Why?
EXPECTATION (Resolution) Every character has five basic Human Needs. These, in one way
or another, ultimately become what the character expects to get. What does the character expect in
the end? Why does he expect to get it? Why does it excite him? What will he do when he gets it?
1) Winning 2) Survival 3) Validation
4) Love 5) Happiness
Answer these questions:
Why do I expect to get it? Why does it excite me? What will I do when I get it?


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